Smart Organization Definition

Smart Organizations By Design is an Organization founded to help people establish Smart Organizations.

Definition of Smart Organizations:  A Smart Organization is an organization that is Safe, Principle Driven and Value Focused.  Smart Organizations foster and facilitate Aligned Engagement from its members.  A Smart Organization receives, embraces and acts upon proven tools wherever they are found.  Smart Organizations have developed an internal competency to self develop or acquire actionable methods and tools.

Safe – Organizational members have an environment in which to share and exchange vital information.

Safe – The organization maintains safety as priority above all other components of organizational functioning and outcomes.  Which contains the following components but not limited to:  Personal safety from injury on the job (work related) Physical harm coming from a businesses location (crime), political and organizational climate both internal and external to the organization.

Smart Organizations By Design, recognizes expertise and will contract out or refer people to an organization better suited to deliver important components inherent in the make up of a Smart Organization.  Safety is such an area and we recommend Thompson Safety Associates, LLC to insure the inherent components of Safety are incorporated within those organizations taking upon them the journey and evolutionary process of becoming a Smart Organization.

Principle Driven:
These are the core guiding principles of the stakeholders, leaders and workers of the organization, this includes to a degree people external to the organization who have influence upon it.  External influencers are governments, community and so on.

Value Focused:
In essence value focused simply means planed for, targeted outcomes and business process results.  Starting with the end in mind and aligning individual efforts & organizational systems to bring it to pass.  These outcomes and business processes result in feelings, sentiments and behaviors from people internal and external to the organization.  Smart Organizations are designed to bring about transformational and evolutionary change…resulting in increased productivity, profitability, individual satisfaction and organizational engagement.

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